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There are many fearsome disasters that can destroy the property value of your home. From floods to fires, the value of your home can shrink in the blink of an eye – even if you have insurance. However, most people aren’t insured or prepared for the unexpected event of bio-hazards. As the name implies, a bio-hazard poses significant risks to the safety, health, and well-being of your loved ones. Though we like to think the best of human nature, the ugly truth is that crime is an inherent part of life. Small burglaries can quickly escalate when people try to harm each other, and a similar event in your home poses long term health risks if you don’t have a professional and certified cleaning service to turn to in your time of need.
Furthermore, crime isn’t the only cause of bio-hazards. There are also traumatic events that can happen to a person without the presence of crime. Mishaps and personal injuries caused by unsafe products or diseases can cause bio-hazards that make an area uninhabitable. Any time significant quantities of blood are released into your carpets and fabrics, there is a risk of disease. To protect your health and the sanitation of your living environment, these problems need to be dealt with accordingly.
There are also bio-hazard issues created by animals that are frequently found in the homes of hoarders as well as seniors that lack the ability to properly clean up after animals. For example, a hoarder may keep hordes of cats that are impossible for one individual to adequately clean up after. Fecal matter and other biological material pose a great health risk and can cause a wide variety of health problems.
A Superior Cleaning Service
You need to understand, though, that our cleaning technicians are not your run-of-the-mill house cleaners. They are specially trained and certified in ways that a regular cleaning service lacks. Bio-hazards should not be taken lightly, and you need to make sure that you work with cleaners that have the skills and experience to properly contain any health risks. Not only can a bio-hazard cleaning technician protect the health and safety of your loved ones, but they can also protect the value of your property. Our Amdecon® certified technicians can help you with the containment of health risks associated with blood, fluids, crime, suicide, and death.
The failure to properly clean and disinfect the area could result in health consequences for your loved ones. A cleaning service that doesn’t specialize in bio-hazard cleanup may be able to remove any visual stains, but failing to use proper disinfecting methods could leave a biological menace lurking in your carpets.
Moving Forward after a Traumatic Event in Chicago
Instead of potentially jeopardizing the health and well-being of your family after a traumatic event happens in your home, contact A. Roto Restoration. We have been serving Chicago for decades in areas such as Villa Park, Lombard, Elmhurst, Bensenville, Roselle, Carol Stream, Glendale Heights, and Schaumburg.

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