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We understand just how important your home or commercial building is to you. After making a considerable financial investment in your property, it can be absolutely devastating to see natural disasters or genuine accidents ruin all of your hard work.

After water / flood damage or fire damage, many times you can restore your building with cleaning and drying procedures. When that just isn’t enough, your best option is to completely replace the damaged materials.

Water and Flood

In Schaumburg, Des Plaines, and all areas within Chicagoland, we are especially susceptible to flood and water damage. The Chicago drainage system is infamous for being outdated and antiquated, and the area is prone to heavy rains. Unfortunately, flood damage can wreak havoc on the value of your property. No matter the type of water damage you have experienced, we can help you recover. Not only will we pump the water out of your home, we can also completely restore damaged hardwood floors and carpets.

Fire and Smoke

After an accidental fire, you may be left feeling anguished over the destruction of your property. Even if the fire wasn’t very large or physically damaging to your property, it can leave behind unacceptable odors that are difficult to get rid of. We can help you by restoring your hardwood floors and hard surfaces. Additionally, we can help clean and treat your building to remove unpleasant odors that were left behind by fire and smoke.

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