Despite advancements in home construction and design, there are still many natural forces that pose a threat to our home, health, and safety. The biggest two enemies are water and fire, but they can create secondary dangers that further multiply your problems.

For example, water damage can destroy your carpets and hardwood flooring, but the threat doesn’t stop there. Mold thrives in damp environments, and water damage could then lead to mold risks. In addition, fire damage can cause massive risks to personal health and safety, but after the fire has been put out you could have further problems with a structurally unsound home that is in need of re-construction. Furthermore, fire and smoke can cause unbearable odors and cause carcinogens to recirculate throughout your home via dirty air conditioner ducts. Maintaining a clean home and properly repairing your home after an unexpected event is paramount to your health and safety.

Home Cleaning & Restoration Services in Bensenville, Illinois

Fortunately, we can help repair your home after fire or water damage with the following services:

  • Water damage restoration
  • Fire & smoke restoration
  • Flood & water damage
  • Re-construction

In addition, we can protect your home from secondary problems with the following services in Bensenville:

  • Mold inspection and testing
  • Mold remediation

Lastly, we offer the residents of Bensenville the following services to create a clean and healthy living environment:

  • Carpet & area rug cleaning
  • Upholstery, draperies, & mattress cleaning
  • Air ducts & dryer vent cleaning
  • Tile, grout, & hardwood floor cleaning
  • Bio-hazard & trauma cleanup
  • Hoarder clean up

Protecting Your Home and Health in Bensenville, Illinois

To protect your home and health in Bensenville, call A. Roto Restoration at 630.543.0668. We understand how devastating damage to your home can be, and we want to protect your home and loved ones.